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From classic favorites to creative originals, our cocktails are uniquely created to impress at any event


I’m just a simple bartender trying to show my love of cocktails to the world. My mission is to elevate the art of mixology and bring a unique and memorable drinking experience. I strive to create handcrafted cocktails inspired by the flavors of fresh and high quality ingredients. I’m passionate about mixology and dedicated to making every event a true celebration of the art of the cocktail, while having fun.


My business offers professional bartending services for events and gatherings. I’m an experienced bartender that provides cocktail preparation, bar setup, and ensures guests enjoy well-crafted beverages. This service is a convenient solution for hosts who want to elevate their event with a top-notch drink experience without the hassle of handling it themselves.

Menu Development and Consultation

Through extensive research and analysis, our bar menu development and consulting services aim to enhance the overall customer experience and drive sales by providing a well-curated and appealing drink selection. This involves the creation and improvement of beverage menus for bars, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments.

Latest Creations

Leap Of Faith

Leap Of Faith

Happy Leap Day! In honor of today, I made a frozen drink with an insect that also leaps. I made it with crickets. Did you know that crickets are high in protein? Also, they're a much more sustainable protein source than cows, chickens, pigs, and other common animals...

What That Vermouth Do?

What That Vermouth Do?

I know that it isn't spring yet, but, apart from the uncommonly cold weather that we're getting here in Central Florida, the high pollen makes it feel like spring. So, with that being said, I wanted to make a cocktail that is refreshing and low ABV, with spring vibes....

On Your Knees

On Your Knees

Hey, y'all! This next cocktail is a riff on a "Bee's Knees." I made a strawberry cinnamon honey syrup and paired it with lemon super juice, and this lovely hibiscus berry gin by @mcqueenvioletfog Perfect for your lovers and friends and Valentine's Day! Recipe 2oz...

Noche Buena

Noche Buena

Hey, y'all! I made a spiced dragon fruit syrup that I wanted to use in a holiday margarita. The syrup itself is spiced with cinnamon and clove. So that was the inspiration for the following drink! Enjoy! Recipe 2oz tequila @casanobletequila 1oz spiced dragon fruit...

Melted Popsicle

Melted Popsicle

This next cocktail was inspired by a drink that I curated for a client. She had a sweet wine that was called "Liquid Popsicle." I ran with the whole popsicle theme by adding a fruit puree, lemon juice, and a popsicle stick as the stirrer. With this iteration, I wanted...

Kiss From A Rose

Kiss From A Rose

This next cocktail was one of two cocktails that I curated for a mixology class. The first one being "Island Heat." You can find that one a couple of posts down. This one is simple, straightforward, refreshing, but different than what the ladies in the class ever had....

Artisinal Drinks by Modern Mixologist

Jorge and lynette

“The best alcoholic drinks are those that complement the moment and enhance the company.” – Unknown


imPasta Straws

Jorge is amazing! We hired him for mine and my husband’s wedding and he’s amazing. Very professional and very talented. We have continued to love his signature cocktails as he makes them throughout the year as well for purchase. I would highly recommend him!

– Jackie D

He bartended our wedding 05/20/23, drinks were on point! Quick and efficient. We would absolutely utilize him and again for any future events. His business name is absolutely the vibes he gives off and it is appreciated!!!

– Deanna E

Mixologist in town! I highly recommend him for your event! Certified and insured!

– Kyla S