After All Is Red & Done

This next cocktail was inspired by @disney and @pixarturningred . It’s a fun movie about a 13 year old Chinese-Canadian girl that goes through a transformation. An inconvenience, if you will.
I’ve watched it plenty of times with my daughter and she loves it.
My thought process behind this drink was to use a Canadian product and a Chinese product, since the protagonist is Chinese Canadian. If I was to describe the flavor profile, I would say that this drink tastes like Nance. In my native Nicaragua, we call them “Nancite”. It’s a small yellow berry-like fruit that has a big seed. Its fragrance and flavor are very distinct. Enjoy!


  • Top layer: 2oz Baijiu @mingriverbaijiu
  • &
  • 1.25oz blood orange juice
  • 6 dashes of Peychauds bitters

Middle layer: 2oz Canadian whiskey cream liqueur @selectclubwhisky

Bottom layer: 2oz Blood orange syrup
Layered over crushed ice

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