Astronaut In The Ocean

Question for you. What you know about rolling down in the deep?

The deep sea has always fascinated me. Seeing all these strange looking creatures that dwell there. Some with bioluminescence and some straight out of your nightmares. It really does seem like they’re from a different world.

This next cocktail was inspired by both the deep sea and a song by @maskedwolf Enjoy!



  • Pour the blackberry syrup into serving glass.
  • Fill serving glass with ice.
  • Muddle the 5 blackberries in a tin. Pour the lemon juice into the same tin. Mix. Fine strain. Pour in the sparkling grapefruit. Layer the mixture over the blackberry syrup.
  • Mix the blue curaçao with the gin. Float it on top.
  • Take a picture.
  • Mix it all and enjoy!

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