Billy Goat

This next cocktail was born from the collaborative efforts of @ramithemixologist and myself. We both agreed on having certain key ingredients in our cocktails and making our own versions. Rami is a seasoned mixologist, so I was very excited to work with him.
This drink was inspired by cheese boards. It’s one of life’s indulgences for my wife and I. I don’t do much dairy, but I’m addicted to cheese. For our date nights at home, we would prepare some sauces, pop open a bottle of wine, cut up various fruits, and pair them with Spanish cheese & crackers. Goat cheese has become one of my favorites, lately. So why not incorporate it in a cocktail?
Rami and I both agreed on having the following ingredients for our respective drinks:
Chamomile & sesame orgeat
Moonshine as the base spirit
Goat cheese
For my version, I used a local Florida moonshine. My buddies at @yalahabootlegging use their organic blueberries, grown on site, to make their signature moonshine;
The chamomile sesame orgeat;
Chamomile tea;
Freshly pressed lemon juice to add some tartness and balance;
Lastly, I made a goat cheese sauce with equal parts goat cheese, honey, and blueberries. I simmered it in a sauce pan and stirred until everything was well combined, then fine strained.
Shake everything together and double strain into a glass with a @truecubes ice cube and enjoy this funky bad boy!


2oz moonshine @yalahabootlegging
1oz chamomile sesame orgeat
.75oz freshly pressed lemon juice
.5oz chamomile tea
.5oz blue berry goat cheese sauce
Garnished with powedered sesame and a skewered blueberry goat cheese wheel. @aldiusa
Glass Skewer:

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