Death Eater

This next cocktail was inspired by the Harry Potter franchise of movies. Most notably, the evil wizards that do Voldemorts’ bidding, the Death Eaters.

I wanted to replicate the Death Eater symbol, which is a skull with a snake coming out from under it.

Then I juiced a cucumber and a jalapeño to get that beautiful green hue. I made a lemon honey syrup, equal parts. Gin as the base spirit. Finally topped off with elderflower tonic. Oh, this drink also glows under a black light. Enjoy!


2.25oz gin @bombaysapphireus
2oz freshly pressed cucumber juice
1oz lemon honey syrup
.25oz freshly pressed jalapeño juice
Topped off with elderflower tonic @fevertree_us
Garnished with a serpent

I used my auger style juicer from @omegajuicing to freshly press the juice from the cucumber and jalapeño.

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