Ghost Hill Mule

Now that we’re officially in fall season, I thought I’d give you a fall inspired mule.

What better way to make this transition than by using delicious bourbon as the base? I muddled some black cherries to help bring out more of that flavor from the bourbon. I used a ginger lime drink mix with apple cider vinegar for complexity. Freshly pressed lime juice, of course. Then there’s this spicy Jamaican style ginger beer (Lard ah mercy!) to round it out. Enjoy!


  • 2oz Ghost Hill Bourbon @treatyoak
  • 1oz Ginger lime drink mix @marleecomarket
  • .5oz – 1oz Freshly pressed lime juice (to taste)
  • Muddled black cherries
  • Spicy Jamaican style ginger beer

Glass pick by @surfsidesips

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