Hot & Buttered

So I was invited to take part in #drinksgivingpotluck alongside some very talented and creative folks. We all basically chose a Thanksgiving dish or staple and made a drink/concoction out of it. I chose the sexiest dish of them all, the sweet potato.

Hot buttered spirits are all of the rage, so for the holidays, I decided to take that route with this drink, but did it my way. I didn’t make a butter batter, which is commonly used to make these types of drinks. I started off by making a sweet potato syrup (baked sweet potato, almond milk, and honey) and I infused cinnamon into steel dust vodka. After it was done infusing, I then blended the infused vodka with a baked sweet potato.

I wanted to pair this drink with an uncommon sweet potato dish. I came up with sweet potato fritters. My beautiful wife entertained this idea and added drizzled white chocolate, from @lindt_usa , to the fritters! This combination is hot and ready to bust sweet potato flavor into your mouth! Enjoy!

Hot & Buttered Recipe

  • 4oz hot water
  • 2oz sweet potato & cinnamon vodka @steeldustvodka
  • 1oz scratch made sweet potato syrup
  • 1 square of butter @kerrygoldusa
  • Stir all ingredients and pour in an insulated glass @joyjolt

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