Let It Snow

For this festive cocktail, I wanted to incorporate flavors that will warm the soul while the cocktail itself is cold. Does that make sense? Maybe not, but that was my thought going into this, and that’s what I ran with.

I made a spiced white chocolate sauce (white chocolate, almond milk, honey, cinnamon, and cloves); freshly pressed orange juice; chocolate and Angostura bitters; and the glue that holds everything together, Steel Dust vodka. I then clarified my cocktail with milk. While the cocktail was clarifying, I melted some more white chocolate to make the the snow and Christmas tree for the garnish. When everything was set and done, I made the drink and topped it off with some elderflower tonic. This was probably the most time I’ve ever spent on creating a single cocktail, but boy was it worth it in the end. The flavors really meld well with each other. The specs, in the bottom, are for one cocktail, but for the picture, I doubled it to make it a shareable drink! Enjoy!


Pour over 2 clear, cut @truecubes ice cubes

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