I had a client that was celebrating her graduation/birthday and hired me to bartend her event. She’s a nature enthusiast and conservationist. She wanted one of her signature cocktails to be a frozen Margarita. Unfortunately, it was hot outside and the Margarita wasn’t quite frozen. 😅
Adding more ice to the blender would’ve solved the issue, but then it would’ve watered down the drink too much. Well I found the solution, should you want to make this at home.
Anyways, I thought about ladybugs and how in Spanish, it sounds similar to Margarita. So that was the inspiration behind this frozen drink. Enjoy!


  • 2 cups frozen watermelon chunks
  • 2oz tequila blanco @deleontequila
  • 1oz freshly pressed lime juice
  • .75oz @grandmarnierusa
  • .5oz scratch made strawberry syrup (or more to taste)


Add Strawberry flavored balsamic vinegar to taste

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