This cocktail was inspired by @johneatsanddrinks . We both made our own versions of miso syrup for our respective drinks in October, without even knowing. His was the “Savory Apple Old Fashioned” and mine was the “Miso Honey”. This time around, we both collaborated on our respective drinks. Our drinks were to have the following ingredients:
Miso, pear or apple, and fall spices. Check out his version. I think it’s sexier than mine, to be honest.

I made a fall miso honey syrup (1/4 cup miso, 1/2 cup creamed honey with pumpkin spice, 1 cup of water)
I used Japanese gin to get those botanicals in. Apple juice vodka. Orange & lemon juice for some citrus. And finally, fresh ginger to round it all up.

The hardest part of all of this was actually coming up with a name for this drink. John and I brainstormed for about 5 minutes. We were trying to come up with some wordplay on miso. It dawned on me that I used miso and gin, so I wanted to play off of that. To my surprise, John also had made his drink with gin. Great minds think alike.

 According to the Merriam- Webster dictionary, the suffix -ist, means:

 1: one that performs a (specified) action

2: one that specializes in a (specified) art or science or skill

3: one that adheres to or advocates a (specified) doctrine or system or code of behavior

Miso-gin-ists Recipe

  • 1oz Japanese gin @suntory_rokugin
  • 1oz apple juice vodka @absolutus
  • .75oz fall miso honey syrup
  • .5oz freshly pressed orange juice
  • .5oz freshly pressed lemon juice
  • 1 small chunk of fresh ginger, muddled

Put all ingredients in a shaker and shake until it’s very cold. Serve up or on the rocks. Garnished with a skewered ginger rose.

Beautiful glass skewer: @surfsidesips

Glassware: @joyjolt

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