Mostro Marino

This next drink was inspired by @pixarluca
It’s an adorable tale about an adolescent sea monster boy who explores dry land, in Italy, with his new-found friends for the first time.
This drink is made with mostly Italian ingredients and can be enjoyed with no alcohol. Saluti!


  • 2oz Butterfly pea infused grappa @graitgrappa
  • 4oz San Pellegrino Essenza grapefruit & citrus blend (or flavor of choice) @sanpellegrino_us
  • 1oz Freshly pressed lemon juice
  • 1oz Scratch made Italian oregano & pineapple syrup @lakewoodorganic
  • .5oz Blue curaçao @giffardusa
  • Garnished with “Italian seaweed”

Layering method

  • Pour the Italian oregano & pineapple syrup into serving vessel.
  • Add ice into serving vessel.
  • mix lemon juice with blue curaçao and layer over the ice.
  • layer the Essenza over the previous ingredients.
  • Lastly, layer the grappa.

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