Happy Negroni Week!

When I first put my lips to a negroni, my face puckered in disgust. I was not expecting it to taste the way it does. I was not expecting a bitter drink. I had to acquire the taste. It took me about 3 other attempts before I fell in love with it. Now, It’s one of my favorite cocktails. Maybe because of how sophisticated my palate has become. Or maybe it’s because I like Campari now.

How about you? Do you like negronis? If you do, did you have to acquire the taste as well? I hope you like my little riff on this classic. Enjoy!


served over a @truecubes ice cube.

Glass pick by @surfsidesips

Glassware by @joyjolt


Click on the link above to purchase the glassware from Joyjolt. Aqua Vitae Octagon Whiskey Glass.


Combine all ingredients into a tin or fancy glass. Add ice. Stir to combine, chill, and dilute as you wish. Strain into rocks glass with a clear ice cube. Peel an orange peel, express, and put into the cocktail. Enjoy under a black light party!

Surfside Sips

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