Nevarro Macaron Sour

This next cocktail is once again inspired by everyones favorite sidekick, Grogu. When Mando went to help out Cara Dune and Greef Karga, he leaves Grogu in a classroom with other children. A particular snack grabs the child’s attention. This drink is based on that snack.

I went and scoured the galaxy for these same snacks and made a syrup out of them. I used the snacks, almonds, almond milk, and sugar to create the syrup. Once you get a taste of this drink, you’ll understand why Grogu couldn’t get enough of them. Enjoy Nevarro’s tastiest drink!


1oz apple juice vodka @absolutus
1oz pear vodka @absolutvodka
1oz scratch made macaron syrup
1oz freshly pressed lemon juice
1 eggwhite
About 12 drops of blue curaƧao
Served over a @truecubes ice cube
Garnished with a macaron @lemacaronwp

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