Happy World Sake Day!

Now that we’re in spooky season, expect some original spooky cocktails from me. With that being said, this next cocktail was inspired by one of the creepiest movies that I’ve ever watched, “The Grudge”. It’s more the sounds that the ghosts make in the movie, that creep me out. Who would’ve thought that a sound that I used to make a lot as a kid would be so creepy.

Also shout out to my wife. She gave me the idea and was the scare actor. Enjoy!


  • 4oz Lychee & nigori sake blend
  • .5oz Blueberry infused Japanese gin @suntory_rokugin
  • .25oz Blueberry syrup @royalroseme
  • Garnished with a severed eye (blueberry inside of a pitted lychee)

Glass pick by @surfsidesips


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  • Blend 4 pitted lychees with 1/2 cup of Nigori sake.
  • Fine strain and set aside.
  • Pour the blueberry syrup into serving glass.
  • Put ice into serving glass
  • Layer the sake blend over the ice.
  • Layer the blueberry infused gin over the sake blend with the back of a bar spoon.
  • Garnish with a lychee and blueberry.
  • Take a picture.
  • Stir and enjoy!

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