Persimmons Of Interest

Persimmons are such a delicious fruit. The first time that I had it, I didn’t know how to eat them. I cut it up and ate it, but it was very firm and lacked flavor. I thought to myself, “why do people go crazy over these flavorless fruits?” Apparently, I was eating them wrong. Little did I know that they were unripe. What a crime. This time around, I had patience and waited for the fruit to get soft and somewhat squishy. The flavor was so good 🤯.

So of course I had to make a cocktail. I made a frozen Persimmon Spritzer to do this delicious and interesting fruit some justice. Enjoy!


  • 2 Peeled Persimmons
  • 2oz @cointreau_us
  • 10oz Prosecco
  • 2/3 cup of Ice
  • Blend

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