Spring Fling

So I recently did my first event as a vendor at @novellucerne It was a fun experience that I would love to do again. It was a Spring themed block party.
With that in mind, I came up with some cocktails that revolved around flowers.
This next cocktail was inspired by Spring Break in Cancun. Although I’ve never been to Cancun during Spring, I remember watching shows on MTV as a kid about it. If I recall correctly, they would broadcast from different locations and have celebrity performances, while everyone was in their bathing suits. Oh, the debauchery of the 90’s. Enjoy!


  • 2oz Reposado tequila @agavalestequila
  • 1oz mango nectar @goyafoods
  • .75oz scratch made hibiscus syrup
  • .75oz freshly pressed lime juice
  • Rimmed with hibiscus salt @wildhibiscusco
  • Garnished with a rice wafer hibiscus

Glassware by @joyjolt


Click on the link above to purchase the glassware from Joyjolt. Aqua Vitae

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