Super Mushroom

Happy Mar10 day!-Did you know that Super Mario is one of the most recognizable figures known to man. He might be on par with Mickey Mouse, when it comes to recognizability.
This next cocktail was inspired by the mushroom that makes Mario grow twice in size and strength. I decided to use both Japanese and Italian ingredients since Mario is an Italian character made by a Japanese man. This was more of a fun experiment because I made my own shiitake mushroom syrup. It definitely added an umami flavor that lingers well after you’re done drinking. If you’re not that daring, you can sub raw sugar syrup. Enjoy!


Top layer

Bottom layer

  • 4oz nigori sake @takarasakeusa
  • .5oz lemon super juice
  • .5oz shiitake mushroom syrup

The glass is garnished with white @airheadscandy

Shiitake Syrup recipe

1/2 cup shiitake mushrooms1/2 cup raw sugar1 cup waterMethod:Cut up and roast shiitake mushrooms. Add to a blender with water. Blend. Fine strain into sauce pan. Add raw sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Simmer in medium heat. Pour into glass container.

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