The Bane Of My Existence

This next cocktail was inspired by the bounty hunter who mentored Boba Fett, in the Star Wars universe. Cad Bane is a ruthless and strategic bounty hunter. He once shot and killed another bounty hunter, strictly because he liked the hat that said bounty hunter was wearing. He has a tube surgically inserted into his throat to help him breath in unbreathable environments, as well as helping him breath in case he gets force choked.
You get to see Cad premier in live action in The Book Of Boba Fett series. Towards the end, Boba Fett defeats him and leaves him for dead. I personally don’t think that he died just yet, though.
I was gifted this crystal head vodka bottle, so I decided to spruce it up, and make Cad Bane’s head out if it. Enjoy!


Glass pick by @surfsidesips

Surfside Sips

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Combine all ingredients, except the tonic, into a shaker tin with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into serving glass. Top off with tonic. Garnish and enjoy!

Glassware by @joyjolt


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