The Love Below

Hey ya! The “Hey Ya” video by @andre3000 is a creative masterpiece that captures the spirit of the 1960s with a fresh modern twist. The video showcases 3000’s eclectic fashion sense, unique choreography, and the infectious energy of the song. Watching the video inspired me to create a cocktail that captures the essence of the song and its accompanying video.
After watching the video for “Hey Ya,” I thought of creating a cocktail that is as playful and refreshing as the song. I started with a base of old tom gin. I then added lemon juice, green melon liqueur, rose syrup, and celery bitters for a zesty yet sweet taste that complements the video’s kaleidoscope of colors and sounds. Finally, I topped off the cocktail with elderflower tonic to give it a touch of effervescence and floral notes. I then garnished the drink with rose petals. The result is a playful and refreshing cocktail that might make you shake it like a Polaroid picture after drinking a few. Enjoy!


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