They Call Me Melon Yellow

Continuing with the watermelon theme, this next cocktail was inspired by an old school soda.
When I found out that there was such thing as yellow watermelon, I had to find one and make a cocktail out of it. To me, it tastes like a sweet, light version of its red counterpart. It tastes less “watermelony”. It definitely adds fresh juiciness to the cocktail.
Fun fact: the reason why the watermelon is yellow, is because it has a lot of vitamin C and very little lycopene. Lycopene, a bright red carotenoid, is what gives fruits and vegetables that red hue. Obviously, red watermelon is loaded with lycopene. Enjoy!


  • 4oz Freshly pressed yellow watermelon juice
  • 2oz orange flavored vodka @hangar1distillery
  • 1oz Bergamot liqueur @italicusrdb
  • 1oz freshly pressed lemon juice
  • 1oz simple syrup (to taste)
  • Top off with soda water
  • Garnished with yellow watermelon balls

Glass pick by @surfsidesips

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Metal straw by @abarabove

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