Turnover A Blue Leaf

I visited my friends at Yalaha Bootlegging, with my tribe, to pick their fresh, organic blueberries. I bought some of their famous pies and stocked up on some products to play with.
Apart from their moonshine, I really love their homemade pies. They have sweet and savory varieties, all of them delicious!
So this next drink is a riff on a sour that was inspired by their blueberry pie. The wife made a blueberry turnover using their fresh blueberries, which I used as a garnish. It is meant to complement, and be consumed with, the cocktail. Enjoy!


  • 2oz blueberry flavored moonshine @yalahabootlegging
  • 1oz scratch made blueberry pie filling
  • .5oz freshly pressed lemon juice
  • 1 eggwhite
  • Garnished with a scratch made blueberry turnover

Glassware: @joyjolt

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