Shooting the Shot

Welcome to a segment that I like to call “Shooting The Shot”. I ask our featured guests a series of questions. Some are just for “shots” & giggles.

Introducing our guest

Our first guest is a person that I admire, when it comes to mixology. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with him on a cocktail. We used goat cheese as our main ingredient. It was an awesome and challenging collab. He brings creativity and knowledge to our craft. Let’s Shoot The Shot with @Ramithemixologist

sketch of a Lion pour a cocktail into a martini glass

Getting the details

Billy Goat by Impeccable Gentleman
Billy Goat by Ramithemixologist
Hotdog in a taco shell
  • IG: Are hotdogs considered a type of taco?
  • R: Depends by what parameters you judge. In some cases yes, in some no.
  • IG: What has been one of most unusual ingredients that you have ever used, in a cocktail?
  • R: I made a lot of unique cocktails, I think the most unusual ingredient I used was asparagus. I mixed it with Irish cream and pears.
  • IG: Fascinating!
aspargus on a cutting board
Guest cheering by touching glasses together