Servers and bartenders get common questions like, “What drink specials do you have?” “What is good here?” And now it has transitioned to “What alcohol is gluten-free?”

Gluten Background

Guest who were diagnosed with Celiac disease, are required to change their habits. Celiac is an inherited autoimmune disorder that affects the small intestine’s digestive process. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) called for the change on distilled alcohol labels. This means that any liquor that does not have any flavor or other additives is classified as gluten-free. Everyone turned to Titos Vodka as the only gluten-free option.

You have to look at the way these companies like Titos create their products. Their distillation process removes any gluten protein before it makes it to the final product Wheat, barley, or rye in liquors are all gluten-free. Giving those who are sensitive to gluten protein more options.

liquor display behind the bar

As servers and bartenders, these updates are important for the job. Cross-contamination can be a possibility with diet sensitivities.

GF Options

Some examples of gluten-free alcohol are sake, rum, and tequila. Items without flavoring added are gluten-free. And for all my fellow beer drinkers, there are options as well.

three glasses of beer on a table

According to, there are numerous gluten-free craft beers from dark ales to IPAS. In San Diego, CA, Duck Foot Brewing Company has put science into their beer creation.

When founder Matt DelVecchio was diagnosed with celiac disease, he looked for a way to enjoy the beer he created. DelVecchio discovered an enzyme known as Clarity Ferm. This enzyme made beers cloudy. This is also known as the chill haze. On the bottom of the fermenters, gluten had settled and thus, he created his gluten-free beers. Science and the creation of alcohol have certainly changed the expansion of products sold.

Alcohol Expansion

The world of alcohol has evolved and allowed patrons to enjoy an adult beverage. TTB has acknowledged the impact of science. Studies have been conducted to support the newest information, for instance. Companies can expand, and keep their products relevant. Bartenders and servers can serve to the fullest of their ability. Everyone can end up happy with a good drink in their hand.