Author: Jasmine Troche

Keep Calm It’s Gluten Free

Posted by on 2.10.21 in Uncategorized

Servers and bartenders get common questions like, “What drink specials do you have?” “What is good here?” And now it has transitioned to “What alcohol is gluten-free?” Gluten Background Guest who were diagnosed with Celiac disease, are required to change their habits. Celiac is an inherited autoimmune disorder that affects the small intestine’s digestive process. […]

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A Bartender or A Mixologist?

Posted by on 1.12.21 in Bar History

Do you have a favorite bar you like to visit? A favorite bartender you like to visit? How about a favorite mixologist? What is a bartender? First we need to understand what a bartenders role is. The dedicated bartenders that we see everyday in restaurants and bars. These are people that hustle for a living. […]

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