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Do you have a favorite bar you like to visit? A favorite bartender you like to visit? How about a favorite mixologist?

What is a bartender?

First we need to understand what a bartenders role is. The dedicated bartenders that we see everyday in restaurants and bars. These are people that hustle for a living. Bartenders are expected make drinks in a timely manner. The bartenders can easily become ‘therapists’ to some patrons who feel the need to vent to someone while enjoying an alcoholic beverage. However, when those guests become everyday regulars, some long-term relationships can form and go beyond the establishment walls. 

What is a Mixologist?

The term mixologist has been used since the late 1800’s when Jerry Thomas was killing it with cocktails. It was thought that if you were a mixologist you were a bartender at a high-end establishment. Over time, the definition has been a title that is respected and is very prestigious. 

So what is a mixologist? A Mixologist is defined as a well- seasoned bartender who knows the science behind bartending. The drinks they create are timeless and unforgettable, presentation wise. Individuals see it as a form of art that is above just making Long Islands or Old Fashions.

Talented individuals can most certainly push the envelope and set the bar high for what people can do with alcohol. They blend ingredients that you would not have ever considered putting together, leaving a masterpiece for everyone to awe.  

various ingredients like herbs, spices, honey, and lemon

Making A Connection!

Female Bartender handing a drink to a guest

In addition to connecting with guests in person, mixologists/bartenders also make a lot of their connections in other public settings such as competitions and conventions.

In order for a mixologist/bartender to grow their own brand and bring in success, they should utilize social media to be in contact with their audience. This has been especially true during this pandemic. Although the pandemic has made in person connections harder, using social media and virtual meet ups has created a unique way to bond and develop a fan base on another level.

One example is Tipsy Bartender on Instagram. The Tipsy bartender plans virtual educational meetups. They have also hosted various competitions on social media. These competitions allow for mixologists/bartenders to continue to show their talent to a bigger audience. 

Understanding The Diversity Of A Mixologist.

Depending on where fellow drinkers plant their last bottom dollar, you will come across both men and women behind the bar. Currently there are more men mixologist than women. However, there are some women mixologists that are becoming trend setters. Such mixologists like, Amy Traynor aka Moody Mixologist and Yelena Anter aka Cocktail Vision, who are both on Instagram, have opened doors for any other women to follow and lead their own pathways in the world of mixology. 

No matter what discipline of bartending you are a part of there is a level of demand of all in these fields. Everyone appreciates those ladies and gents who make sure our experiences are as enjoyable as the beverages. Just remember: share the love in reviews, support one another in the same industry and most important tip your bartender/mixologist! (Servers too, but this piece is about those behind the bars mixing, before any hate comes along.)

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